• reasons why i hate him

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    1. it’s been 8 months, i have a bf who loves me, but HE still has a percentage of my heart
    2. i can’t figure out how much percent
    3. he sends me pics of his new girlfriend
    4. he dedicates songs to her
    5. he never dedicated songs to me.
    6. he let her meet his dad
    7. he never let me meet his dad
    8. he treats her like he loves her but he tells me he’s not sure yet
    9. he told me he loved me but treats me like crap
    10. he still plays me
    11. he’s always playing games
    12. he pretends he’s jealous of my new man just so i’ll admit it still stings when he talks about her
    13. the one time he decides to actually go to my church, he brings her
    14. he let her text me
    15. he let her text me
    16. he let her text me
    17. he let her text me
    18. he’s the worlds best and biggest liar
    19. i really did believe him
    20. he lied to me
    21. he calls my boyfriend “whats his face”
    22. he TELLS me the songs he’s dedicating to her
    23. some of them are songs I showed him
    24. he can still make me cry
    25. he can still make me laugh
    26. he’s only 5 minutes away from my house and NEVER came to see me, he’s 30 miles from her house but will WALK to see her every weekend
    27. he’s making me cry right now
    28. THIS affects my relationship with my man
    29. he’s the reason i’m afraid of 3 months
    30. he’s the reason i’m afraid of 6
    31. he’s the reason i’m afraid of “lets get married”
    32. he’s the reason im afraid
    33. when he gets me angry, i’m a different person
    34. he asks me for advice on what to do with her
    36. i’m writing this list
    37. we might end up going to the same freakin college
    38. he knows EXACTLY what buttons to push
    39. he was my FIRST KISS
    40. but he never ever ever held my hand
    41. he still brings up our old relationship(s)
    42. he dumped me 6 times
    43. he cheated on me
    44. his other ex found me on facebook and is now my friend
    45. he once called his cousin to threaten me
    46. i’m writing this list
    47. i still don’t know if he had sex with her or not
    48. he’s not calling me right now
    49. his girlfriend is nice to me
    50. cuz i wish i still had a percentage of his heart

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