• Premiere

    by  • September 26, 2010 • Betrayal, Grief, Heartbreak, Trust • 0 Comments

    Tonight will make me think of the one thing I want to change about myself. The one thing that I don’t tell anyone. Except for you. Except for the person who I trusted, when I told myself to trust no one.

    I hate you for making me tell you. Part of me wanted to, but I knew it would end up like this. My deepest, darkest secret is out. Who knows who you told.

    It’s also worse now. You made it better, but it’s worse that it was in the beginning. You’ve confirmed my suspicions. I fear there’s no stopping it now.

    I used to have you. I wanted to change, and I wanted help. You told me that you would be my light, no matter what. Even if we weren’t together. That was a lie. Just like most things you told me. Just like I do, to everyone I talk to.

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