• Forbidden

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    Mom and Dad;

    I guess I just can’t tell how much you love me, because I’m always scared to be who I really am in front of you. I have to put on a mask, and be the good girl you always want me to be. I can’t swear in front of you, I can’t be the anime fan that I am cause you won’t get it and you’ll think it’s a waste of time. I can’t be the gamer cause, again, you’ll think it’s a waste of time.

    But the thing I’m afraid the most, is to show you who I love. I like boys. I like girls. While you do know about the other me, this is the one thing you don’t know and probably never will till I move out and can live on my own.

    Although you’ll never read or see this, I want to let you know this. You are my parents and gave me this wonderful life. I don’t want to limit this life to a person of whom you think is suitable or ‘natural’ for me. I want to give this life to a person who deserves it, no matter what gender they may be. The person who earns my love and affections should not be stripped of such a love just because you say they can’t.

    I’m sorry, if it’s between you or that one person…I’m going to that one person. You will ALWAYS be my parents, and I will ALWAYS love you, but my life will belong to them and I will, eventually, no longer have you two and I hope that deep within my heart that in the end you will find that I’m happy with this person and this person is happy with me and so you will be happy.


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    1. Kaylin
      September 26, 2010 at 11:23 pm

      I can never tell my parents I’m bisexual because of the same reasons. I wish I could tell them. Maybe one day we’ll both have the courage to do it 🙂

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