• You bitch.

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    You’re a phantom I can’t escape from. You won’t stop, will you? I don’t want you to stop because you remind me of all the reasons I should never have been your friend.

    You were unstable, and I get why. Being bullied throughout your childhood would mess with anyone’s mind.

    You took me away from all my old friends and now, finally, they are starting to be friendly with me again. But it’s taken years.

    We were friends, until you were so much of a bitch that I wanted nothing to do with you. So then we weren’t friends. And three years later, we’re barely on speaking terms with each other. Not that I mind, God no. I just find it funny that we’re both ok with it.

    I can’t wait ’til the end of next year, when we go off to university and I won’t have to see you ever again. I have stable friends now. Friends who drink and smoke and get kicked out of their house for doing drugs. They’re all screwed up, and yet are more stable than you ever were or will be.

    All that happened to you was that you were emotionally bullied. Get the fuck over it. Get a life and stop playing the ‘wounded pup’ card.

    You’re more pathetic than ever. And for the first time, I came out of something bad feeling lucky.

    Your ex-bff who you treated like an accessory without feelings,


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