• Gone

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    In May we broke up.  In June we started talking again.  In July we started dating again.

    And then one day out of the blue you just decide to stop talking to me.

    There’s no explanation, no message, nothing giving me a hint as to why. 

    Then I find out a week later that you have a new girlfriend, and you never told me.  It only would have taken five minutes of your time, but apparently I wasn’t even worth that to you anymore. 

    I never thought that you could ever do anything like this to me, but apparently I was wrong.  Thanks for making me feel completely worthless.  After two months I was finally starting to think of you less.  Not by much, but just a little less every day. 

    Then you send me flowers. 

    If you want to be out of my life then stay out because I can’t take your indecisiveness.  My heart can’t take it.  So make a decision. 

    You can’t have it both ways.

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    1. M
      September 25, 2010 at 10:50 pm

      I have experienced something very similar (not quite 2 months since our breakup). As much as it hurts, the reality is this. If he really wanted you, he wouldn’t have let you go. Someone told me recently that sometimes when someone closes the door on you, it really is for your own good. You are being shielded from something that would hurt you more. As HARD as it is, it really will be for the better.

      Don’t waste time wanting someone that doesn’t want you, go out and become available for someone who does.

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