• three letters- to hannah

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    Nearly 5am, 5/11/10
    Hey twin.
    You wouldn’t ever read this, but I’m writing it down anyway. It’s late—early—I can hear the birds chirping outside. The sky’s still dark, but they still sing, because they know it’ll be light soon!
    Your songs are all sad, but they’re beautiful. I like to think that’s because you’re always hoping for the sun to rise.
    How’s that for corny…
    [I’ll add to this later,]

    Just past midnight, 8/4/10
    Hey twin.
    We’ve spent a month in Spain, and in that time you lost your singing voice.
    That worries me. I hope you haven’t lost your hope.
    I wish you would get singing lessons
    (and let me help you but I know that I can’t so nevermind)

    About 1:30am, 9/8/10
    Hey twin.
    Today was our first day of school. I don’t know how your day was.
    We’ve been so close lately; I feel your love like I don’t remember ever feeling it.
    Tonight I feel closer to you than I ever remember feeling, because I feel I’m approaching your state. And yet I don’t want to talk to you about it. A distance and a closeness. It makes me sad. Sorry for this more introverted entry.
    I love you so much.
    Love, love, and forever more love,

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