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    Dear friend,

    I am sorry.

    I’m sorry for leaving. I’m sorry for not saying good-bye. I’m sorry there was no explation. I’m sorry it was so abrupt and final. I’m sorry there won’t be a next time, or an until later. I’m sorry for leading you to believe that we’d always be that close. I’m sorry I told you how I felt. I’m sorry I asked to hold your hand just to let it go. I’m sorry I let go of your hand and walked away. I’m sorry that I made you believe that you could trust me, that you would never be hurt by me. I’m sorry I hurt you. I’m sorry I never got to be turely yours the way you wanted. I’m sorry for all the long nights, and and frowns I made. I’m sorry I didn’t choose just you to make me smile. I’m sorry there was more. I’m sorry you got involved in my mess. I’m sorry we are not freinds anymore and I’m sorry we can never be again.

    I’m sorry I can never tell you this, and that you will never read it.

    But more then anything I’m sorry I have put us in the position to say sorry to begin with.

    your lost and sorry friend,

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