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    I used to think about why my life was the way it was. Then I realized i didn’t know so how could I have any real direction..So I had to figure out where I wanted my life to go.

    I had the chance a few years ago of having my own apartment, paying bills but I was too young and not very stable to be taking on such responsibilities as I was still ruled by my heart and not by my head. So I gave it all up and well, my heart lead me astray. But I regained my heart and now think with my head and do things that I want to.

    I have since gotten a job that I can save money, I am two credits away from finishing my degree as a law clerk. Once my degree is finished I would like to go to some type of culinary school or take a program in that. I would like that by at least next year. April or May I can have enough saved to start looking into getting my own apartment. Getting back slowly on my feet.

    I have a great support system around me encouraging me forward as everyone has been foolish in folllowing love around the world at some point. But what’s important is that you have your head on as well.

    I am proud to say that I have found my balance of loving deeply but thinking clearly and thinking about my actions carefully. I’m taking my time, thankfully I am able to do so, but I am taking my time. I am very eager to just run with it but I want to do things properly so that once I have it all figured out it will stick…

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