• never let me forget this..

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    what if I were to tell you, that I never want to leave your side? ever. I don’t even like not seeing you for a day, even though we live together.

    it may sound unhealthy, but I like it, I love longing to to see you, I don’t even have to be doing anything with you, I just like to be near you, even doing our own separate things, knowing that at any given moment I could go get up and kiss you, just because. When we’re apart I love to think of you, and everything I can’t wait to do; go hiking, take pictures, have a food fight, cuddle, movie marathon, swim, etc.

    I don’t want these feelings to ever change, I want to marry and grow old with you, and I know I will, I just don’t want to become that old married couple with no spark and barely any conversations, I don’t want to run out of things to say.

    I always want to be silly, and people watch with you, go shopping and try on silly things, I want to kiss you for the whole world to see, even when we’re on our 5,972 date (which we have probably already hit)

    I want to go to Dorney Park even when we’re in our 50s to celebrate our anniversary because that is where we hung out for the first time in eighth grade.

    I want to take hundreds of pictures, and speed to that road to watch the sunset, go “woop woop” when we see a cop and tell the truckers on the cb that smokey’s got a customer.

    I always want to be us, I don’t want to outgrow how much fun we have, how random we are, I want to take puppies into the puppy room just to make them feel loved, and tattoo things on our body for each other, watch NASCAR and scary movies.

    We do so much now, that I never want to forgive.

    Babe, I will grow old with you, but I will never let us grow old.

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