• Karma ~ The Final Ending

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    Read I will never hurt you again backwards and it says specifically Again you hurt, Never Will I…in hide sight 🙂

    I remember when you told me you loved me and that you’d never do anything to hurt me? It was a lie. The past 5 years have been a huge lie. You knew it, & the rest of the world knew it. The only person that didn’t know was the one person that should have known all along.

    That would be me why of course, the FOOL.
    But hey like the song says “Everybody plays the fool sometimes, no exception to the rule.”

    At least I ain’t lying.

    This heart doesn’t fall often, but it fell hard for you. I was stuck in limbo for years because I wanted to be with you. You even had the nerve to ask me if we were no longer together could we still be friends.
    Don’t make me laugh at you.
    Friends do not treat persons they supposedly love like you treated me.
    I realize you were never even capable of being a friend to me.

    Every child you have had has a great daddy but it takes a lot more to be a real father.
    Any man can be a daddy sperm donor.

    Now going on 7 children with 5 different women you fail to realize to this day, that no one should have to ask or even beg for loyalty and honesty.

    Your relationships did not work because you are always blaming someone else.
    Excuses annoy me, you always had a lot of excuses. “Oh,it just happened,I was so drunk…”

    I do not need a man that wants me all to himself yet doesn’t mind his zipper doing the zip once too many times with whoever his eyes land on.

    Like the story about the lightening bug, you are going to get burnt one of these days landing somewhere you do not belong. I definitely want no part of that scenario.

    Not only did you never deserve me, but you never knew how to treat me with respect.

    No one in my life is allowed to play with me like a toy and treat me as an option, and you are no longer an exception.

    I realized five years too late that you were never going to change. I hope you remember what you had with me. I hope I fill your night dreams…I hope you wake in a sweat.

    I meant it when I told you that once I made up my mind about you, I’m never coming back. I know that in the back of your head, you still expect me to take you back. Your tears may be real but I will no longer be trying to ease your pain at the expense of my own heart; I will instead be laughing in your face.

    I’ll tell you that you had 5 years of my life.

    I was so faithful and true too you because you were my love. I did not look at other men the way you was always looking at other women.

    You screwed around on me with several women. You even got another woman pregnant twice. I felt so badly that you lost the first one, I paid for her hospital stay because you promised to pay me back. Then in the process of you supposedly leaving her lo and behold she ends up pregnant not even 4 months later.

    I finally felt the need to tell her and show her the proof that I paid for the sad-complicated situation. I felt she deserved to know…

    I don’t think he deserves to have someone unaware of what kind of man he really is.

    I do not love you nor want someone like you ever again in my life. You said I would never find another man like you and I pray I never do.

    I have deleted 5 years of US from my mind and nothing that reminds me of you remains in my home, computer…anywhere.

    I do not care if she does not care about me. At least NOW she is aware of me. She knows you have deceived her as well as me for almost two years.

    Then again she probably believes you when you tell her I just want you back and will cause any trouble I can.

    What she does with her new found revelations is her business…and frankly I do not care.

    Go on collecting those hearts.

    My heart is no longer able to be used and abused.

    You are a conniving, lying, bullshitter, cheater who thinks you are in control.

    Turn the light on please!

    I’ve moved on.

    You can enjoy your life cheating on every woman you’re with and dig your Hell Hole deeper, because I don’t care.

    I spent five years easing your pain after you cheated on me while dealing with a constant broken heart. I took away pain from your life that you deserved.

    Now it’s karma’s turn.

    Damn, that child support will be the bitch.

    Whore Dogs are not on my menu, I am eating healthy these days

    Men cheat because they want to have their cake and eat it too. They profess their unending love for you but they still love to be involved with other women.

    Never, at any point in life, should I avoid being a fool. It means I am open, and learning, and therefore growing. Our brains are able to keep developing our entire lifetime, but only if we’re learning new things, and, therefore risking being a fool.

    One thing I have learned from this whole ordeal is that it really wasn’t about me, or even her for that matter.

    He chose to do what he did because of his own personal insecurities.

    Men who cheat aren’t stable, even though they may appear that way on the outside, and the women who put up with it are in for a long road of recurring heartbreak.

    Enjoy your journey!

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    1. Megan
      July 30, 2011 at 12:50 pm

      You go girl. Way to be stronger then to many women out there, afraid to “loose” the man they love whom they know is cheating on them. Men like that deserve every ounce of pain they receive, financial or otherwise. Congratulations to be rid of him!

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