• my soul mate

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    I miss you.

    Now you have a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend. It seems you’re in love with your girlfriend (because I know you’d never be with someone you didn’t really love), but I can’t help but miss you. You were my best friend for a while.

    It was nice to have one person here to relate to in almost every way. I feel guilty for even noticing you when you sit down at your table at dinner. You’re still one of the most important people in my life, and I still trust you more than I trust most people, even though we haven’t spoken in, what is it now, almost half a year?

    I’m sorry about what ever I did to make you not like me. I wish we could at least be friends, or that I could at least know exactly what you think of me. At this point, I just want to move on and be able to see you across the room and feel indifferent. Besides, I have a boyfriend, and even though he’s in another country, I should be focused on him.

    Oh, well.

    In any case, I just wish you knew that I’ve never loved anyone like I loved you. And now that all of that passion is gone, my writing is suffering.:) And if you ever needed anything, I’d immediately help you, even though I feel you hate me. (Or worse, you don’t think of me at all.)

    I miss your friendship, Badger. Who else would go to an enormous wooded park at night with me in autumn to watch a meteorshower, then tell me to run and save myself in the event that a man came running at us with a knife?

    Take care, and I hope She brings you a lot of happiness. I just want you to be loved.

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