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    You’re in college. I’m a sophomore in high school.

    You’re 18. I’m 15.

    You live 15 hours and 30 minutes away.

    Is it meant to work?

    All I think about is you. There hasn’t been one day since you left 3 months ago where something didn’t set off all the memories. Whether it be a basketball game, a slide, ping pong, someone talking about lax, or simply friends talking about the hottest guys in school, everything reminds me of you.

    I hate not being able to look you in the eye and just talk. I hate not being able to just hug you and kiss you whenever I want. You’re not here right when I need you most. I miss those nights of sneaking out to hook up just because we could. Or laying under the stars on the playground talking for hours. I only spent a week with you and already feel this way. What we have is right out of a fairy tale, except I can’t see the happy ending from here. I want you to just hold me in your arms and say everything will be alright, but you can’t. You’re perfect. Why do you talk to a sophomore who lives hundreds of miles away? Deep down I know what we have is something different.

    Things like this only happen in the movies, how is this real life?

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      February 5, 2011 at 11:24 am

      Wow I went through the exact same thing, even the playground and sneaking out at night. I feel you. Though it didn’t end up working out for me, I hope it worked for you.

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