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    To be completely honest, I’ve been trying to tell her she could do better for quite some time now and its sickening that she hasnt realized it yet.

    I have never met someone who fits the ideal woman image like her. She’s smart, funny, caring, confident, dedicated and loyal. She would do anything in the world for the people she loves and YOU can personally attest to that.

    You have no idea what kind of a rarity you have for a girlfriend. You are literally the luckiest guy in the world. I am sick of you starting fights with her because she has male friends and trying to mask the reason behind some lame “i love you too much to share you” bullshit. We’re all madly in love with her but she would never do anything to hurt you because for some strange reason she loves your sorry ass. You have a girl who gladly plays video games with you, who makes you soup when you’re sick and cleans your apartment, who can make the most amazing food and can actually explain what a screen play is.

    But you take her for granted, you don’t cherish her, you dont tell her how beautiful she is, you don’t appreciate all that she does for you. And by doing so you’ve managed to piss off and irritate all the men in her life who would die to have the chance to be with her, to tell her how incredibly gorgeous she truly is, to be able to walk down the street with her hand in theirs and get the jealous stares you don’t deserve.

    Man up, thank her, hold her and tell her she’s the most perfect girl in the world, because if you won’t and if you don’t, I know at least 4 of her best friends who gladly would.

    Me being one of them.

    I hate you because I’ve loved her since the first day I met her and you don’t deserve what you have.

    fuck you.

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    1. Mandie
      September 23, 2010 at 1:57 am

      I wish I had friends who felt that way about me. She sounds amazing. I don’t approve of stealing, but in this case…do it.

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