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    I never could get over you, three years went by, and I still wanted to kiss you anytime we were within a few feet of each other. We told each other all those times how much we loved each other, told the world we were best friends.

    I sound like we were hurting and pining, but we weren’t..actually I was really happy, and I know you were too, in our own ways. We just both knew deep down we would end up together again.

    I remember some of those nights we saw each other like it was yesterday, going to schools so far apart made it hard to be together often.

    Like that time we hung out when it was a Christmas concert, and you hip checked me so hard I fell over, only after I had the wind and spit knocked out of me.

    Or the time we (another Christmas concert memory, go figure) made a “reindeer” snowman head.

    And the time I was acting “emo” because I just wanted to be with YOU alone and only you, and you whispered to me as we walked inside “I really love you”.

    It was the time we were at the tunnel field (both times) that I remember most, taking pictures together on your crappy phone and you putting grass in someone’s soda. I was fighting with him that day, the only other guy I had a long relationship with, and I just wanted to be with you…not him.

    The second time, when you had your head in my lap, and when we went to get something from your car I was so close to kissing you, you have no idea. You know, you’re the reason…the reason both of them dumped me. G & E. I know it. Because I knew then, I still loved you.

    That time you came to my house, because I dared you to, and said you wouldn’t (I was really sad that day, too). You had family over that day, but you left the house, came to mine, I didn’t even have to remind you where I lived, even though it had been years since you were at my house (and you couldn’t even drive the last time you were, and you only saw it in the dark). We spent so long in the driveway, talking, I took your jacket. You made me so freaking happy, I could have told you even then, that I would be marrying you.

    Five, almost six years ago…when we first met. I fell in love. Head over heels. Over time I fell deeper and deeper, even though I wasn’t dating you.

    All I want is you forever.

    And young or not, I know it’ll happen. we have this connection, always have. and no matter what imperfections I have, or you have, I love my life with you.

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