• I just don’t know some days

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    Dear Galinda,

    You are the best friend in the world.

    We have gone through some major stuff. I know that you have been hurt and I also know that you are beyond that now. But some of the things you do just dont make sense. You say that you don’t want anything to do with you ex that is a borderline stalker now but you still answer his texts. You say that you want to take some time off from boys but the next week you have a ‘flirt’ going on. You say you want to be independent, so you want to move in with your boyfriend, who I think you may be sleeping with even though you say your aren’t.

    By the way I know that you and J did. H told me. I thought I had talked you out of it but I guess my saying that it was a bad idea wasnt enough.

    Ever since J you have been hiding things from me. I have to play this terrible game of knowing things without you telling me. Yes, we all talk to each other cause we all need to know these things in case you go down again. I had a hard enough time dealing with it before and not telling people. So now I always make sure at least H knows about stuff so I have some one to lean on.

    You are an amazing person but you make some really stupid decisions some times. But I am your friend and I will stay with you even though I don’t agree with you all of the time.

    Always yours,

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