• Dear James

    by  • September 22, 2010 • * Safe for Work *, Grief, Heartbreak, Yearning • 0 Comments

    It has now been a few days since the incident.

    I told everyone I’m fine and that I don’t care about some guy because I got bigger things to worry about. But the truth is, I’m hurting. It really hurts. It’s not as if you broke my heart, but more that you played with it and just threw it in the bin like an old toy. And my pride is hurt.

    You didn’t even apologise. I know you know you did wrong. Everyday I wonder if you’ll call and apologise. Every time my phone rings, I wonder if it’s you.

    Please, set me free and let me go. Call me and tell me you are sorry and we can’t do this anymore. Because I cant spend another waking day waiting for you.

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