• College You Suck!

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    Do you ever get sick of living somewhere? I do. I get very sick, very fast. It feels as if my stomach is tearing itself a part and soon I will pour out a mixture of vile feelings. Everyone here makes me so sick, so annoyed, I just want to escape.

    I hate to sound like an over dramatize teenager, but none of them understand me. They’re all the same, it simple. I’m not like them and they aren’t like me. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t fancy the ideas of doing drugs. Some of them consistently are too cocky they think they’re the best. They think they can talk down to me. They wonder why I want to leave, the people around you make a big difference on how your life feels. And the ones I’ve become associated with I’ve started to wish they never came in to existence.

    One of the things that annoy me the most is that its like they lack putting feeling in to anything, everything for them is only personal gain. For example if we leave from a place instead of walking with the other person like other people do normally they just want to walk as fast as possible they don’t care to walk with others. Its almost like their lives are some sick competition. Who got a better grade on the lit paper? Who cares! If it actually makes them feel better getting better grades than me when I’m a biochemistry major then congratulations to them!

    I honestly can’t take it, I can’t stand living with people. Here’s the thing I’m an introverted person. It doesn’t mean I hate other people or I’m socialy inept. Actually I can speak just dandy in front of other people. I’m polite and I can start a conversation with anyone. I’ve actually broken away from my old shell of shyness. Although, I can’t deny it though that I’m the first to disappear from a party or that I like long silence to myself. I personally prefer to be alone.

    So I wonder to myself, should I just suck it up and deal with it or should I just skip town and find another lovely college to go to in order to start a new.

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    1. robeleader
      September 23, 2010 at 9:33 am

      You aren’t the only one.

      We’re out there, but as you should be aware, we are few and far between.

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