• Love, Lost.

    by  • September 21, 2010 • Heartbreak, Love - Pure and Simple, Yearning for You • 0 Comments

    Ah, You,

    You’ve liked me for THREE YEARS, and You still like me, even told me that You loved me. And I believed You because I could see it in Your eyes when You looked at me, feel it in You when you held me. It was like some known part of the universe, You loved me and that’s just how it was. I loved You too, but something broke, and now everything is very wrong.

    The fact that I still think about You all the time is not normal, when I’m sad I still want one of Your hugs, even though it’s Your fault I’ve been feeling so bad lately.
    I’m the kicked puppy that keeps returning to the scene of the abuse. I should be happy that you finally realized WHY it is that you couldn’t stand our relationship, but how am I supposed to be happy left with nothing but memories, a twice-broken heart, and the knowledge that it was other people’s judgment you couldn’t deal with?

    In truth *I* feel bad for *You* because You’re letting other people keep You from what You want.

    How are You ever supposed to be happy if all your emphasis is what’s on what will make other people like You, and not mad at You? I used to be that person, and You always got annoyed with me, I’ve changed, and it seems now that You are the weak one. I still love You. And You will always be my first. I can’t help hoping You realize how much of a mistake You’re making and come back to me, because no matter how much I will it to shut, the door is always open. I cannot be mad at you.


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