• I don’t think you see…

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    Dear Darlingg…

    I don’t think you realize the amount of love I have for you.

    It tears at my heart each and every day. Do you know since I’ve met you, which was by chance, I’ve gained a confidence I’ve never owned before?

    How about the fact that I can stay happy for longer than a few moments. You should know that I would do anything for you. No matter how many times you break me down, you are rude to me, you hurt me, you brush me off, or you don’t give a fuck, I still love you. I would still do anything for you.

    I cry, and I scream and I yell and after all of that I laugh, because I can’t believe you have such an ability to do that to me. You know that I love you, yet you demote yourself when I hold you so high.

    “I’m not the best” Yes. You are for me. “Why do you love me?” You love me too. I know you do. You’ve told me. Yet what happened to the love that was so strong? Where is the love I held for so long? It cannot go. It will not go. I love you too much, more than I’ve ever loved to let you go.

    Darlingg, I don’t think you see that you make me me. I don’t think you see that I need you here. I don’t think you see that I would be lost without someone to live for. I don’t think you believe me when I tell you these things, which are completely true. I love you to the moon and back. How do you bring yourself to hurt me like you do? It this some test? To see if I’m going to last forever? I’ve gotten past the anger of you upsetting me and hurting my feelings. Boy, feel me in your soul, because I’m there. I fill every empty and dark spot with light and love and warmth. I don’t think you see my soul from my eyes.

    My soul surrounds you everyday. It is with you when I’m not. When I speak with you and see you I am once again whole, with my soul. Do you realize that no other girl will love you as much as I do? No one will surpass the absolute love I feel towards you. One day you will realize this. You will know what you’ve done. You will work to make things right. As for now, you love me as I love you. But, I don’t think you see….

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    1. Raimius
      September 22, 2010 at 2:51 am

      I could only hope I receive a letter such as this someday.

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