• Hope To See You Soon

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    I don’t know you. You don’t know me. In fact, we haven’t even met yet.

    I don’t know how or when we will meet (and if I did every moment until that day would be torture), but I can only hope it is soon. Because I can’t live without you.

    I know that when you enter my life, you will make me the man I can be. You will set me free. I will love you to the end of time and nothing nor no one will stand in our way.

    Together the world will be our oyster, and we will never desire anything else again, for we will have each other, perfectly in balance, perfectly in sync. Our love will be like nothing either of us has felt before, and could never dream of being without again.

    But until then I am me, and you are you.

    Maybe we’ve met already. Crossed paths on the street, traded quick glances in the hall; we just don’t know who we are to each other yet. Maybe we haven’t met yet. Maybe one day fate will intervene, and love at first sight will be our tale, or maybe we won’t even realize we love each other until we overcome some important obstacle together.

    Any way that it happens, I know one day we will be together. The time until then, the time we spend alone, wondering if there could possibly be someone out there for us, that time will be painful.

    At the best of times, it will be uncomfortable, but manageable. At the worst of times, when we feel like the only thing in the world upon which we can rely is ourselves, it will be a swirling void of darkness and despair, a burning question in our minds: what’s wrong with me? And if you let it eat you up inside, it will. It will take you places inside yourself you don’t want to go, and it will make you feel insignificant in a world of giants.

    But keep thinking to yourself that, no matter how bad things are, somewhere out there, I’m yours already. I don’t know it, neither do you, but I am yours, body and soul, just as you are mine. And if you keep thinking about that, it will help you through the darkness, just as it is helping me.

    And then one day we won’t need to fight alone anymore. So hold on, and keep an eye open for me, as I will keep an eye open for you.

    Hope to see you soon,
    Mr. Aziel

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    1. Ashes
      September 24, 2010 at 2:37 pm

      this was truely amazing, and extremely well written.. i loved the point of view you have on the whole idea of having that perfect person in your life 🙂 i think any person that has read this, however many times will at least share one thought : “i wonder if it is me :)” however breif the thought.. but i think you are very matter of fact about it and it’s nice to know someone else shares my view of it as well..

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