• Disloyal Douchebag

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    Sup conniving asshole,

    So I’m pretty sure you’re feeling pretty damn satisfied with yourself right now. You fed her more bullshit again to cover up your sorry ass.

    You are so significantly lucky that your girlfriend is so completely infatuated with you that she ignores all the fingers pointing towards your guilt. You are a disgusting human being and a stupid fuck. I’m surprised you have any brain cells left from the immense of weed that you smoke and the amount of time dedicated to playing cod instead of mending your clearly flawed relationship with your girlfriend.

    Instead you dedicate the remaining brain cells to coming up with more lies to shove down her throat.

    Honestly, you should win a medal for how you slime your way past her conscience and straight into her heart. You are so lucky that she is so entirely blind to your deception. I really hope someday she opens her eyes and realizes all of the confirmation leading straight towards your unfaithful ass is true.

    If you’re so fucking religious as you claim to be, do you honestly think that “God” will forgive you for your sins? For the hearts that you are putting out for risk. She has a tough exterior that you somehow broke through, and for you to mess with the fragile person that she becomes around you, makes you a terrible person.

    I truly wish that I could tell her, tell her the truth and risk other friendships and relationships to inform her the information that you are too fucking scared to do. But then again, it isn’t worth it because then it would be the same old repeated shit. I tell her. You come up with some ludicrous lie and she is becomes yet again utterly convinced by your scheme that anyone else can see right through.

    It may be easier said than done, but if I were in her shoes I would humiliate you inside and out until you wanted to jump off the edge of this earth. I would want everyone to know the true filth you portray and the bad reputation you set for men and future boyfriends that she has.

    You’re a true scum bag, and I hope you rot inside until you grow a pair of fucking balls and own up to the damage you caused for an innocent devoted girl, you piece of fucking dirt. Cheers to getting away with murder, again.

    Family of Hers

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