• Diana, The Angel of mental destruction

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    We have been friends for quite sometime now and every time I see you the problems I experience throughout the day seem to disappear.

    You take me to a carefree place where the only thing that exists are the butterflys in my stomach.

    What drives me crazy is that I’m so lost as to how you feel about me. I’ve never had this issue before. Some of the things you do show me that you like me as a friend and some tell me that there actually is a connection between us, and it’s not me just being hopeful.

    I’ve tried dropping hints and I’ve been checking for your reactions but reading you is like me reading braille. I know there is something written there I just don’t understand the language.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that I have to act on my emotions rather than suppress them in fear of what may or may not be in the future. What has been holding me back from telling you face to face how I really feel about you has been the thought of you not feeling the same about me, thus causing our friendship to end. I’d rather express how I feel than hide it and beat myself up for not telling you.

    When I see myself with you, I’m happy in every sense of the word. I’m usually very logical when it comes to making decisions but my brain is telling me to think with my heart, something I don’t normally do.

    I have this feeling that everything is going to turn out just the way I have imagined it for so many months and if it doesn’t I’ll become stronger from it. You are smart, funny, kind and beautiful and I will do anything to make sure you are at least some part of my life. Even if that means being the one that got away.

    I love you and will do whatever I can to see you happy.

    Yours Truly
    Mishka K.

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