• Dear drunk friend,

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    I detest you. I’ve known you for twelve years and you’re my best friend- but you have fucked up.

    When we were in high school you were the best guy I knew.

    Neither one of us were the thinnest people so therefore us fatties had to stick together. No one was interested in us. Sure you were immensely cool- but cool as you were no high school girl wanted to date you. Well, besides me (but that matters not).

    So we’re best friends right? I’m going to your “band” practices, talking on the phone every night, hanging out every weekend, saying ‘yuck!’ when people asked if we were dating, yadda yadda etc. etc. I loved every second of it.

    So basically something snaps in your brain that says ‘I don’t like the pudgy lifestyle anymore. I want out!’ You go on a crazy diet all summer and BAM! school comes around and you’re smokin hot. Now all these shallow girls come out of the woodworks to try to date you. Ungrateful whores. They didn’t like you before so what ever made you think they were serious? You should like someone for their personality not their pecs.

    Anyway, I’m out the door once you’ve found your inner Adonis. Well, you keep me a secret so you can still study with me to keep up your grades. Yeah, thanks. We didn’t hang out and you pretended not to know me. Highschool= great… NOT

    So college has rolled around and we’re back to bff. Only because you don’t like being alone now that all of your “friends” have dispersed to various community colleges. Yeah, so I’m back to taking you to dinner and helping you study or giving you advil to help your latest and greatest hangover. You’re a fucking moron.

    I’d love to say I hate you for being an ass to me since you lost weight, but I can’t. I hate you because you’re killing yourself. And worst of all you won’t admit to it. You binge drink and do drugs occasionally. It’s not the weed I’m worried about, it’s your alcoholism. You always swore you wouldn’t turn into your dad… well guess what! You’re half his age and already drinking more. Congrats.

    When we went on vacation this summer you got really sick… I proposed the fact that it might be alcohol withdrawl. I must have really pissed you off, but thats what it was. I’m guessing from how pissed you were that it must have struck a chord and actually scared you.

    I’m really sick of you trying to get me drunk. Do you think that if I get drunk it will suddenly make me say you’re right? “oh! You’re right! Getting drunk is way too much fun to worry about my health! Ha ha ha ha!” Ain’t gonna happen.

    It’s not that I’m scared or anything else, the fact of the matter is I’m making a choice to not binge drink. I don’t want to be out of control. I don’t want regret in my life. And I certainly don’t want to risk getting addicted to it, because what I’m doing at school right now is so very important. These classes you’re skipping determine our futures. And my future is not something I’m willing to drink away like you’re trying to do with your past.

    So don’t ask me to watch you screw up your life. Don’t ask me to make bad descisions. Don’t ask me to stop being your friend. Becuase THAT is what this will eventually boil down to.

    I love you and I always will, loser, but you need to think about some things.

    2 Responses to Dear drunk friend,

    1. sarah
      September 21, 2010 at 10:13 am

      you sound like a frigid bitch. college is about loosening up, making mistakes, learning from them, and most of all.. experiencing new things and new people. don’t get so caught up in your books that you angrily miss out on having fun. you aren’t any better than he is for not trying new things (drinking). you sound insecure and sad, and like you wish you were cool enough to party. try something new for once in your life.

    2. Kenzie
      September 21, 2010 at 2:28 pm

      So, I totally see your point of view and I guess in the letter it does sound like I’m a freak but I do go to bars and i do drink but you gotta understand my friend he’s been doing this for so long, getting wasted EVERY night, he’s like starting to have serious problems. Like he’s getting sick and wont go to the doctor like he just lays in bed all day because he’s in too much pain to move. I definitely understand the fun point but how can you have fun when you’re too sick to do so? Anyway I guess I rushed the letter and left out my own faults but it was like 2a.m. ha

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