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    by  • September 21, 2010 • Confusion, Friends, Lost Love • 0 Comments

    Dear Sam, You confuse me. We were awesome friends in middle school. We both had bad times. We both had good times. I was always there for you, through everything. I became your best friend after all of yours left you, alone. I sat with you on the phone for hours on end. You had

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    well, damn.

    by  • September 21, 2010 • Disappointment, Sex • 0 Comments

    I told you I was a virgin, you told me you weren’t. I said it didn’t matter, but really, it secretly broke my heart, because I want it to be as special and awkwardly new for you as it is going to be for me. Everything would be so much easier if you weren’t so

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    Dear John

    by  • September 21, 2010 • Cheating, Trust • 0 Comments

    Dear John, You are working very late tonight and although I usually trust you I wonder sometimes if maybe I shouldn’t. You are so against infidelity but you can also tell a lie without blinking. I would never know. If that’s the case…the the chips fall where they may. There will be someone else waiting

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    When I See You

    by  • September 21, 2010 • Anger, Love - Pure and Simple, Miss You • 0 Comments

    Oh, how easily you can turn sadness into anger. I mean, they’re practically the same. Am I the only person who’s done this? Please tell me I’m not at an even higher level of craziness than I initially calculated. Because I’ve given up on discerning the difference between the two when I think about you.

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