• You destroyed your life

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    Yes, your husband came to me. He needed someone to love him and I do and you did not.

    You made him stay in a room alone when he was ill, you pushed him to work longer and longer hours til he was ill so you could fritter away the money and you didn’t work at all, just stayed home. Yet the house was so bad he had to sort it out when he came home and you tried to make his kids hate him.

    You told the children, ‘daddy didn’t get you any gifts at Christmas but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love us.’ He had provided all the money as usual and you actually went to the shops to buy them. The gifts were from both of you, of course, but you said this to your children and this, when you were still close supposedly.

    Only now that the children are older are they suddenly aware of what you were doing… BUT they ARE aware and they begin to see you for what you are, so beware. When you demanded that he leave after your many affairs you told the children that he used to gather spiders and put them in their rooms. My God, how could you even think that up?!

    There are so many other things that have come to light that you did which are just dreadful, not just to him but to those children. You did this to your own kids!!! You stole their father, you told them all he didn’t want to see them even when he begged to see them and then you told them they would be thrown out if they had any contact with him. But one by one they have come looking for him and they see you. No matter how clever you think you have been, they saw through all of your sick lies.

    You told the police he did things but thank god he could prove his innocence. You even told the police I did things that I didn’t do. You told your kids lie after lie never caring that it was THEM you were hurting.

    You tried to steal money from him, you lied constantly to authorities to get money in benefits and all kinds of help that you do not need. It is all greed it is all about MONEY with you and you are so unhappy, aren’t you.

    You will die a miserable money grubbing thieving liar who hurt her own kids while he will be able to walk into heaven head held high. He has been with me 8 years now and he is the kindest person I ever met. How in the hell did he find a nightmare like you? When the children are old enough the specter of you will be gone forever BUT…

    I am not so sweet as he is, I do not forgive and forget and I am watching
    I am waiting
    I will have revenge
    I will right the wrongs you have done.

    I brought up the child you threw out because she so wanted to see her father just once – so you threw her out! That child loves me and I love her and you will feel the wieght of what you have done because I am here waiting and watching, ready. I will have revenge for all the dreadful things you have done because I am not the sweet, forgiving person they are. I can hardly wait for the day when I can dance on your grave and I will give you hell on earth before then… The kids will move out you will be alone and I will make you suffer!

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