• Why do you do it?

    by  • September 20, 2010 • Friends, Knock it Off • 0 Comments


    I like you.

    There, I said it.

    I know you don’t like the way I like you but we’re sort of friends. Except that you hate my taste in music. And, frankly, I hate most of yours.

    You will never understand how I can like Marilyn Manson, Eminem and 30 Seconds to Mars. You will never understand why I can listen to the whole soundtrack of Step Up and know most of the songs by heart.

    You will never understand why I can do all of this and still hope that you like me. As a friend.

    The truth is, you’re one of several decent guys I know. But you’re the only one to talk to me about something that isn’t gossip. From that point of view, I totally respect you.

    But why you have to hate my music, I will never understand. I’m pretty sure that, right about now, I should be on anti-depressants. I feel like my life sucks but I know it doesn’t. Hell, in comparison with most people, my life rocks.

    But it doesn’t Metal. And that’s where our differences lie.

    And, frankly, I love my music. A day without music for me is like thick fog: bearable but only just. So, for the love of all things I consider holy, can you PLEASE STOP TELLING MY THAT MY MUSIC IS SHIT.

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