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    my brother said offhanded once that you wanted him to set us up.

    i do not believe we’ve met, but i know that you are 6 years older, you love to hike, that you have dreadlocked hair, you smoke, that you play guitar, that you like PBR and think it is funny that i told ri you were a hipster for it.

    anyway i think it’s quite nice that even if you haven’t thought about that a moment since it happened, and even if you were joking, you liked the offhanded idea of me.

    it reminds me that just because it’s not brought to my attention doesn’t mean there isn’t an endless possibility in every moment. i don’t know you and even if we never meet sometimes i think about who you might be and what we might have to show each other and if we’d get along.

    i’m perfectly content to never know you. to be honest i’m in a real state right now anyway.

    but sometimes i sort of drift off and i wonder what it’d be like to sit around the kitchen table, awkwardly sipping PBR and playing cards. all of us together, just sort of testing the waters. i think about that moment sometimes.

    so thanks for that.

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