• Mother Dearest

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    Dear Mom,

    I’ve written a lot of letters, especially on this website. But I’ve never written one to you. Here it is:

    I hate being around you. You make me feel awful all the time. When you walk into the computer room and ask me “Why can’t you be out there exercising or making friends?” I just want to cry. I do try to make friends, and I have them. But the type of person I am means that I’m not invited to things very often. People are willing to talk to me at lunch and morning tea, but that doesn’t mean they’ll invite me to spend the night at their house. I do try to make friends, for you and for me. So that I can come up to you and say, “Can I go out Saturday? I’m going to see a movie with a friend.” The moment I can say that I’ll be proud of myself. But then you’d start to nag about something else. It’s a never-ending cycle. Is anything I do going to make you happy?

    Samantha Jill P.

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