• We can still be friends…..NOT

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    to my ex boyfriend

    today after talking to the therapist you sent me to i cried.

    it wasn’t because it didn’t help because it really did. i cried because i know the only reason you sent me there was because you are done letting me talk to you about my problems. you will never admit it to me but i know you. you don’t think i know you but i know you so well. well enough to know you still love your ex. i knew when we were dating that you weren’t over her but since you never talked to each other i thought i was safe. you would never cheat on me and i know that but i still knew you loved her. now we have been done for over 3 months. at least that’s what everyone else thinks.

    what they don’t know is it’s only been 3 weeks. you strung me along for the rest of the summer and once we were back at school you said it was over but we could still be friends. i actually thought you meant that. stupid me. i’ve been going through a lot and you know everything about me so it was natural to talk to you. my mistake. you don’t want to deal with my problems and you never did. so i’m done sharing. i’m hoping one day you will look back on this and regret not being my friend but i doubt that will happen. you say you aren’t heartless but you sure are a heartbreaker.

    if you ever need a friend i’m here for you though know you wont return the favor. have a good life.

    your other ex.

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