• You can no longer hurt me

    by  • September 19, 2010 • Acceptance, Heartbreak, Letting Go, Lost Love • 0 Comments

    There is something very empowering when I change my attitude towards you. I loved you so much, could see spending the rest of my life with you (as you also said to me) but when I keep ending up in tears because you’ve broken up with me (again) and you can’t really give me a decent reason, then I have to realise and admit that you are simply not the man for me.

    To see you still hurts. I miss your touch, your kiss, the look in your eyes, all those things that I believed you meant (and I think you did at the time).

    I have now changed my attitude because it is not helping me heal. I’m sure you aren’t at home crying over what we had. I’m not sure why I am.

    Well.. I am taking my power back and no longer giving it to you. You can’t hurt me anymore.. ever again. There will not be another time (no matter how much you tell me you regret breaking up, no matter how much you tell me you love me). If I see you with someone new, whilst it may initially hurt that it’s not me, I have to realise that at least you cannot hurt me again. I am now open to meeting new people and from that, I will meet the person that does truly love me and really does want to be with me, not just by saying it, but by showing it.

    All I know is, the things that you do and say, are just a mask to the turmoil that goes in your head. Until you sort that out, you will continue the same pattern. Sadly, you will hurt others but YOU WON’T HURT ME EVER AGAIN.

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