• The real letter I wish to send to you

    by  • September 19, 2010 • Eff Off - You - or Up, Friends, Goodbye, Heartbreak, Letting Go • 0 Comments

    Wow, it’s hard to believe that you can throw away our friendship like this. It’s hard to believe that you honestly have no idea why I said any of those things in the first place. But hey, it’s okay. It’s nice to know that you were a true friend to begin with. You know, a true friend would actually TALK to their friends and actually act like they give a shit about them. Oh, sorry, I forgot that you are incapable of doing that. You can sit here and say, “I hate you,” or “She is such a bitch.” Okay, go ahead and do that. Just act like I didn’t literally throw my entire self into this piece of shit friendship that we managed to have. Go ahead, pretend like I am the most evil person in the crummy little town.
    God, if you knew how much I cared about you, you would think I thought you were Jesus himself.

    I would do absolutely anything in this entire earth for you and you couldn’t even be a real friend. What “real friend” doesn’t show up to a birthday, lie about stupid pointless shit, and only talk to her to get secrets out of her.

    Oh, it’s true. You loved to know all the goddamn secrets that I held in my head. But since I cared and trusted you, I told you them. So it absolutely baffles me that you would sit there and put that against me. And it absolutely baffles me that you would sit there and hate me when I should be the one who hates you.

    You have done so much stupid shit that has pissed me off and I have said stupid shit that has pissed you off. What the hell is the difference now? Hmm, maybe because you have moved on and don’t need me anymore. Ouch. That fucking hurts.

    But it’s alright, if that’s what makes you happy, go for it. I guess I really wasn’t anything more than you attention giver for almost two years. You knew how I felt and you used that to your advantage.

    But see what happened was once you found someone more attractive, you left me in the dark. Hmm, well shit how do you expect me to react? I swear I can’t figure out if you are that oblivious or you really just don’t understand how to treat a friend.

    So, have fun with those piece of shit memories I am going to block out. I am sooooo fucking done with giving a shit about you. I am tired of playing nice to a jerk who doesn’t even have the balls to talk to me face to face about this stupid fight. You were my biggest heartbreak and my biggest regret. I wish I never met you. I hope that hurt like you have hurt me for the past two years. I fucking loved you.

    Good bye asshole.

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