• September

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    I’m sitting on my couch late at night looking at my fireplace…. it’s September. I feel like Fall belongs to you. You and me. Two years ago our exciting, unique, oh-so-complicated history began, accompanied by golden leaves and long jackets and hot cocoa and frosty mornings.

    YOU: you confusing and beautiful thing, you. And ME: equally confusing, completely entranced.

    We mirrored the season. At first a glorious, whimsical entity so pure and unpredictable… Each morning bursting with possibility and each night ending in butterflies… Which slowly browned and chilled with the coming bite of winter. Then, all of a sudden, died completely as my frozen heart dropped and shattered. Cold and alone, I faced that new year with pain in my chest and fear in my eyes. I feigned hope in Spring and excitement in Summer, at which point I’d reluctantly accepted our departure. I thought I’d never even talk to you again. I’d sewed up my wounds and they’d healed, slowly and painfully.

    But September came once again and you snuck in and snipped the thread. And once again our spark ignited, even brighter and warmer than the fireplace we cozied up to on those cold fall nights. The snow kissed our skin, the air tickled our necks… And our hearts reached out to one another, tentative but yearning for that familiar touch. So close, so close I could feel it. Curse that bitter winter wind that stole our magic yet again. We fluttered away from each other like two sad, crumpled leaves and found new companions who were equally wrong for us.

    ME: reluctant, frustrated, curious.
    YOU: unreadable. (which is, of course, part of your allure)

    Again Spring and Summer rolled on through, ups and downs aplenty, but this time we stayed close. Friends–best friends? Still an unspoken electricity hung in the air between us… Too close of a brush and a secret tingle crept through our entire bodies. But we kept each other a safe distance away from the tempting unknown.

    It’s September again. I am here at my fireplace, staring into those beautiful flames… watching all the autumn leaves swirl around like the thousands of burning questions in my heart.

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