• Perfect Friends, now a memory

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    We were perfect friends. The best of friends.

    You are so nice, so funny, and so much like me. We got along perfectly. I can’t help but to think that we would still be as close as we were if your girlfriend wasn’t… her.

    I act nice when I see you around, and all I can think of is how much I hate that you actually like her. I can not help but to resent you for dating someone so evil. Yes, evil is the perfect word to describe how she treats those around her!

    It is hard to be in the same room as you now. It is hard to carry on a conversation with you, because in the end you are still with her, and I don’t think I realize what kind of person you must be to be with her… Or what kind of person she has changed you into.

    L, for every ones sake, I hope that some day you will see this. See her for who she is. I hope when you do, we can finally be the best of friends again. Maybe I do have a little crush on you, because you are one of the most awesome human beings out there, but this isn’t about a silly little crush. This is about her, more than anything.

    I wish you would chose to be with someone else, anyone else. Lord knows you can do better… ANYONE can do better than that. But, I will never tell you. Even though it has ruined our friendship (SHE single-handedly ruined our friendship) she in some way I haven’t seen, makes you happy. And I would never want to ruin your happiness.

    I miss you though. I miss you a ton.

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    1. Lucia
      September 29, 2010 at 9:58 pm

      I always knew you were a liar, and never expected much of you. I whitnesed the way you used people, and despised you for that.
      I want you to know that although sometimes I went along with your game of “she is my best friend” I never bough it. Not for a minute.
      I must confess that I never saw it coming when you sent the letter letting us know that you were staying in Canada were you were supposed to go for a short vacation. To tell you the truth I was relieved that I didn’t have to keep you in the company to honor my word and hoped you would find hapiness and stay away from us for ever.
      Obviously this is not so. You can’t find it in your heart to let go. I though you were as the leach that would let go after sucking all the blood, and I should know better since even you destroyed your ex husband, you always found a way of stepping over him and suck even more.
      But you don’t seem to have found peace, since even so far away you keep gossiping about us, and now I’m really angry and I would love to tell you off. Of course I will not do it, I rather use my energy in working hard and letting you lies of hunger since I will not feed them with my energy. I’ll just sit in the front of my house and wait… you know for what.

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