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    by  • September 19, 2010 • Letting Go, Short -n- Sweet • 0 Comments

    Even though I’ve decided to finally let you, once my dearest friend, go, I will make this promise to you. I will never forget you. -Jay Related Post Stupid. And that’s the last of it. BFF… never.

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    I miss you

    by  • September 19, 2010 • Lost Love, Miss You • 1 Comment

    I know I shouldn’t miss you, but I do every single day. I wish I had my chance with you. You told me before that every girl that likes you, likes you for all the wrong reasons. I wonder if you thought I was just another one of those girls when you found out. I

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    by  • September 19, 2010 • Abuse, Anger, Betrayal, Cheating, Lost Love • 0 Comments

    You. You deserve the life you have. You deserve a controlling fiancee. You deserve that bratty little boy. You deserve her infidelity. You deserve her control over you. After everything you put me through, you deserve it all. It’s because of you that I don’t trust. It’s because of you that I can never believe

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