• Guess I am not over you

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    My dearest S,

    I wish I can pinpoint the exact day when my interest in you as a friend evolved to an interest in you as more.

    I fell in like almost overnight. What really matters is that I could not stop thinking about you. Then one wonderful night you seemed to have reciprocated the feeling. Unfortunately that night has never been discussed – almost like it never happened. I was determined to stop crushing on you. I had thought I succeeded and felt as though I was finally normal around you.

    Then as I explained to my friends that sometimes my heart still flutters out of habit of when I see you, I realized I was far from over you. The feelings, not the habit, is what continue to makes m heart skip a beat.

    You are a very hard person to read and I can never tell what is going through your mind. Not knowing is the only thing keeping me from moving on with my life. But I am just too afraid to ruin the friendship with silly talk. I can’t help but think that perhaps it is you who is waiting for me to make the next move. I could be wasting time I could be with spending with you.

    Should I really risk everything by asking?

    Give me a sign!


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    1. Sign
      September 19, 2010 at 12:31 am

      Here’s your sign… take it and see 🙂

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