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    It has been 18 months since you decided to make up the story about me cheating on my husband and planning to leave him and take all his money.

    The story itself was ugly enough, but telling it to my son, knowing he would share it with his siblings was just plain sick. I know your last divorce was hard on you. I’m sorry it sent you over the edge of sanity into psychopathic darkness. I’m sorry you are in such darkness that you would choose to annihilate what I thought was a good relationship between us and try to destroy my famuily’s closeness in the process. It didn’t work… It was a challenge for a while, I mean who would actually make up such a sick and intentionally evil story… certainly not uncle Paul! It hurt not just me but the kids also. But in the end, it only illustrated just how sick you are. Oddly enough, my marriage is better for having lived through the experience.

    Jealousy (on your part) is really a toxic emotion, isn’t it? It killed any connection we will ever have in this lifetime.

    I wish wellness for you, truly. And I really do forgive you. I do love you, always will, but I cannot find any space in my life to share with you as you struggle within your psychopathic illness.

    I wish peace for you….

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