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    it’s easy for me to get wrapped up in your admiration of me. is this the same for everyone? or am i weak? it hits me with a euphoria. makes my heart stumble. and i am carried away with fantasies and imaginations and plans and memories….it gets deep…

    and then i come to my senses.

    i am just me. simple and plain. nothing more or less to contribute than the ordinary person. sure i have some strengths which you admire. but my faults would wreak havoc upon entire civilizations! (I am exaggerating!).

    I think when we met, you saw in me something you admired, as several deeper qualities were missing from your life. Now, lovely one, I see them in YOU. I am no longer your completion. Rather, you are complete. as you exist right now. The deep qualities which you found enthralling and intoxicating and so intimate and enriching….honey, these are now YOU.

    Do you realize this? Think for a minute with self analysis. If I spelled them out it would give me away. But you got ’em. And you’re not alone.

    You are complete, and being made more complete day by day. You have the strength to build your desired reality around yourself. Of relationships, and friendships, with those closest to you.

    You feel that the closest person may not be capable of going there with you. Hummmmmm, yes. it’s hard to change someone. But the reality is, you’re not supposed to. The reality is, that deep inside, you have the strength to love that person as they are. No change required. And THAT, my darling, makes them beautiful. They will see the intrinsic value you place in them, and they will respond…with an exponential increase of love and adoration towards you. Changes will occur you’ve never expected.

    But I am off topic.

    The reason for me to write, it to disclose that I see myself a bit more clearly today. And that I am as common as the rain. I know each of us has a value beyond words, but mine is not to be lifted higher. In your deepest heart, you do. But I encourage you, to KNOW the reality that is in you. To understand that you, beautiful one, are valuable, precious, discerning, worthy of being used and admired, and so very good. You are patient, and kind. You do not seek your own. You’re not envious, or jealous. You give so much of yourself to others. You’re not boastful or proud. Where pride exists, there will always be a fall. Where knowledge and logical rational exist, these will someday pass away into memory. But love never fails.

    To you with love

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    1. FlutteringHeart
      September 17, 2010 at 10:35 am

      This is such a beautiful letter!:) Someday I may have more than 15 minutes alone to sit and try to compose such a well thought out and beautiful letter such as this one.

    2. hugs
      September 17, 2010 at 11:42 am

      Thanks FH. with all sincerity for you

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