• I’m not into goodbyes.

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    I never stood a chance with you.
    Right off the bat you had me.
    I was yours.
    Did you know?

    After everything that has happened I still can’t think of you as a bad person. You’re too beautiful to have bad intentions. And no, not just outer beauty, though you definitely are that. But as a person there was so much warmth, and light, and kindness. How could you mean to do what you did? You couldn’t. You’re only like the rest of us, so mixed up and confused we don’t even know what we want. So we run around searching for it. And in your searching, you found me.

    I was lost, too, was the thing. I hadn’t been happy for the longest time. Then you just came in. I never expected you to even notice me. I had heard you were ‘picky’ with girls. We talked at the banquet and such but I didn’t think I made an impact with you. But a few days later I got a text from you, so I must have done something right.

    And I knew all along, about your girlfriend. But you spoke such sweet words and I wanted so desperately to feel happy, it just didn’t matter. So many times I wanted to ask you about it but it never felt like the right time. I would just look at you and get lost in that smile. Just one look was all it took. When I was with you the other things didn’t matter I felt so happy. You had me completely dazzled.

    We had the most fun just talking. Buy ice cream, ride around, and talk. It wasn’t just meet, hook-up, leave. We were better than that. And then we danced, which was the cutest thing. I liked that you were random… then you kissed me. It was the most amazing thing. I could replay it over and over in my head. I do actually. I wish it would quit, I’m tired of you running through my mind.

    I miss our little romance.

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