• I wish I didn’t know you this well

    by  • September 17, 2010 • Frustration, Knock it Off, To You • 0 Comments

    Your beliefs are goddamn ridiculous.

    The more I get to know about you, the less I respect you.

    I used to look up to you as a mentor but you’ve been brainwashed by your family, your wife, and your pastor. Your mindset is in the 1950s, and for a job which requires as much logic as ours you sure have an irrational and bizarre way of thinking. You’re impervious to logic and evidence if it contradicts your preset notions of reality. Your questions are stupid and serve nothing more than to showcase your willful ignorance. It’s embarrassing to debate you, both because the topics you choose are so childish and your viewpoints are ridiculous, and also because I’m afraid the people that overhear us are going to think that my mind works the same as yours, my beliefs are the same as yours.

    I wish you’d never sent me that email that stupid Christmas, to ask me if I were “saved.”

    Fuck you. Go save someone else.

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