• a poem…an ode to the morning sun

    by  • September 17, 2010 • Love - Pure and Simple, Waxing Poetic • 0 Comments

    The sweetest dreams I kept inside this shell you called a heart

    but now the sun wakes me not, the beams don’t burn my brow

    where stinging memories remain intact, wanting to forget…but how?

    This bitterest metallic taste that consumes where my smile lie dead

    biting my tongue ever still, conforming to your wishes, your desires

    yet how can I be true to myself, if I follow not my way entirely?

    Is it pretentious to assume the worst in what seemed all so right

    for time is ticking slowly past, the hands so loud I’m screaming

    but you can’t hear me anymore, I fear t’was all a dream,

    To know that molten gaze so well, I could not look away from you

    like rays from the sun burning into my soul, lighting a fire that will not die

    praying to a God I don’t even believe exists, God knows I’ve tried,

    These trembling hands reach out to you, but words stay locked inside

    this mouth that barely breathes, the tears that pass from these eyes

    this is not an easy road in which myself I find,

    But I pretend to be strong, I don’t know how else to be

    so tired of being broken down, feeling helpless for the cause

    but if it brings you happiness, I will let you mend those walls,

    Damn this irony, bringing the world upon myself, from you, for you

    trying as best I can to carry all this weight, without asking you for help

    knowing I’d be turned away, like a lost and hungry child,

    But then I remember words you whispered from those eyes you tried to hide

    and I’m falling even farther away from what I should do, what needs doing

    because I’m not strong enough to say the words, although I should be going,

    Away from the place I find myself in thoughts when dawn approaches

    the morning light stole you away, so I sleep not, and no longer do I dream

    letting everything rush through at once, knowing I’l never be released……..

    for the record, I hate myself for feeling this way. js but I love you more than I myself can understand….

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