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    I used to talk to you about everything. I would come home and I would talk to you for an hour, and so would A.

    Now that you have started working, and started this diet.. you don’t even care anymore. You are only happy about work, or the weight you’ve lost. Every other moment you talk to us you sound angry, or annoyed. I try to tell you things, and they never are funny.. it just gets serious. You get mad when I am upset, or scared. I started crying about the changes that are coming with graduation and college, and you walked away. What happened mom?

    Where did you go?

    You aren’t even happy anymore. I don’t remember the last time you actually seemed genuinely happy.

    I leave on Friday for college mom, and you don’t even seem upset or to care. You just get angry. It’s sad, but I don’t even care about leaving and being away from you. I need to get away from you, before I say something I don’t mean.

    I just worry about leaving A. with you. Without me there, there is no buffer.. it’s just him.. and he is going to have a tough year.. I don’t know how he’s going to deal with you actually being home.. because work only lasts so long.. and then you will be home yelling and not caring. I worry he is going to break, and I wont be there for him.

    He and dad are what are bringing me back home.

    Next year I am taking no money or help from you and dad.. I am moving into an apartment if possible..

    I don’t want you holding any of my schooling over my head, like I owe you. Another thing for you to be angry about, or call me ungrateful for.

    I could never hate you mom, I really do love you.

    But why don’t you care anymore?

    Your daughter.

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