• I don’t remember your voice but I love you.

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    Dear You,

    I just wish you knew how great of a person you truly are.

    You are honestly one of the funniest people I’ve ever talked to, and not even on purpose.

    I wish we would have had a chance to see each other in person, even if we sat and talked at menna’s all night. I haven’t seen you in 13 years, but I feel like I’ve known you this whole time. I don’t know why you’re so scared to see me. And I wish there was something I could say to change your mind.

    But still, I’m so glad we had this… reunion I guess you could call it. Because it’s always nice to talk to an old friend. I hope you always stay such a genuine person, because that’s one of the things I fell in love with. I also hope you know that every time I got to Victoria’s Secret I’ll think of you. Or every time I hear Dave Melillo. Or I think about my daycare years. I hope you find the perfect girl you’re looking for, because I know she’s out there. You’ll find her and it will be amazing!!

    But if I left you advice, it would be to not take life too seriously. Because the person you are about is 72.8% water anyway. Good luck at school this year, and better luck when you get to where you should be.

    I wish you the best, dear.

    Love, Me.

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