• heartbreak and rebirth

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    i loved you, plain and simple.

    almost from the very beginning.

    you made me feel beautiful. if we weren’t so young i’d have hinted more at marriage. you were my best friend. it was so easy to talk to you, to be myself. it was the best 14 months i could remember.

    Just because you were my first boyfriend and i was shy about that all, and just because i didnt want to kiss you after a week. why does that make you think that you can go off with another girl, lie to me. pretend nothing happened. and let our relationship grow?

    it wasnt fair to me. your excuse was you didn’t love me then. but i was still your girlfriend. you claimed me as something special. that’s why you shouldn’t have done it. i forgave you. because i am the better person. but really? to keep it inside a WHOLE YEAR. and to not tell me to my face. that is what did it for me.

    i’ll be honest tho. i still loved you. i wanted so much to take you back. my heart would have. and so my brain took control. and kept me out of that relationship. and i am thankful now.

    2 years later, my brain is still in control. i cant trust my heart to anyone else. what if someone else were to do that to me. i Wouldn’t be able to take it. i would never be the same.

    but i think it’s changing. i found someone i think i can trust with my heart. he’s sweet. and there is a part of him that likes me. there isn’t anything serious between us, yet. but i can tell. by the way he looks at me, and flirts with me. it gives me butterflies. like i never had with you.

    so i just want to let you know, what a terrible thing you did long ago. but i am finally better. and ready to love again. i just want you to know what an amazing person you missed out on.

    we could have had a great life.

    Never your Rose.

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