• Dear boy in the coffeeshop.

    by  • September 16, 2010 • Dating, Gratitude, Smitten, Yearning for You • 0 Comments

    No longer are we strangers.

    You’re not the anonymous twenty-something hipster that caught my eye in my favorite local coffee joint. Now, you’re Johnny. Our first date was like something out of a movie. It started with a cappuccino, continued through lunch and ended long after the sun had set. I broke some obligations I had made to friends, just so I could keep talking to you.

    We exchanged the puzzle pieces of our personalities for hours. I haven’t felt so normal in a long time. Just talking about the stuff that makes me myself, and the things that make you yourself.

    Even though you popped your tire driving us to lunch, even though I had class the next morning and had to leave, it was the most fun I’ve had in a while. I look forward to filling in the rest of the puzzle.


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