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    or should I call you fake? ex friend? lost to me?

    I just don’t understand it, yet another person I trusted to be my friend, we are so alike. Yet apparently so different, I think it was when I helped you and A become friends again. J warned me it would happen, but as always I saw the good in you, and everyone, to think we could all be close friends.

    She didn’t tear us apart though, that’s the weird thing. Things were going well, we all were super close, even on the night of project graduation. We texted like normal, you were nervous about college. (maybe you should have started at the same time as all of us, but maybe you always needed distance, you never really could truly connect with people)

    I don’t even know all of your life, half the time I had to pry it out of you, even though you obviously wanted to talk, and I was a good listener.

    In the end, it was something as measly as me not being able to see you on the day you were free, like I wasn’t allowed to be busy?! You live over an hour away, ok albeit I was busy two times. Well it was summer, and both times I was going away. not something that was planned short notice.

    But to utterly cut contact from me for that? It’s not like I planned it and said “I don’t want to see her let’s go out of state”

    Although, you do talk to me, when I’m talking to B, yeah no hon, I’m not trying to horn in on your man, you go screw his brains out, I just like his intellect, and I’m utterly in love otherwise so don’t get all jealous and protective in this guy. I don’t want him, have at him…he’s single!

    Oh, and you wished me a happy birthday. What a joke, you don’t even answer my messages, but I continue to answer yours.

    I don’t want to make this long winded. But truly, ex best friend of mine, I just wish you could explain how me having a life has interfered with our relationship, after all the crap I would put myself through when you needed me.

    Why don’t you go back to your drugs, you’ll probably end up just like her.

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