• Grow Up.

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    I honestly don’t know what to think about you anymore.

    I know that 90% of the fault goes to you for the death of our friendship and 100% of it is yours as to why I cannot stand you any longer, along with quite a few others who once your friends.

    Truth be told, I tried my hardest not to hate you once I ended our friendship. But your unhealthy obsession with me is what tipped the balance. Not only did you come after me with hateful remarks, I could have cared less about those. It’s when you went after those nearest and dear to me, first my best friend, then my boyfriend, and then to all to Facebook (that was a very mature move, by the way.) You crossed the line by ten miles when you told my boyfriend to go die in Iraq. You never tell any soldier to go die in a war when they’re fighting for your right to speak your lack of a mind. You don’t tell anyone to die, in general.

    Your physical ugliness will never match your disgusting inner workings. You are, by far, the craziest person I have ever met; you take codependency to a whole new level. Not only did you want me as a lover, but you wanted to BE me. You dressed like me, you took my words, phrases, ideas, and opinions directly from me, you dyed your hair like mine and even wore it like mine. You wanted me and you wanted to be me.

    That wasn’t the only thing I couldn’t stand; your extreme neediness and jealousy is what drove me away. You wanted me to dedicate every second of every minute of every day to you. You wanted me to consider you the most important thing in my life as I had before. But I couldn’t. So you got jealous. Of everyone I was with. You were especially jealous of me and my boyfriend. This is probably because you subconsciously realize how terrible yours was, so what did you do? You lashed out at me when I spent time with my boyfriend, or anyone else.

    It doesn’t matter how terrible of a situation someone is going through, no matter how much worse, you can’t seem to muster up even an ounce of sympathy for them. Your life has to be the worst. Your life has to have the worst and most problems. Your life is not bad, stop lying to yourself. If your life was truly as bad as you make it seem, then all the little things that made you start fights wouldn’t have bothered you nearly as much or you would have done as many people do and just let it go.

    You need counseling. Continuous counseling. You need to stop sitting around whining and complaining about everything and stay with a counselor- not run out the instant they tell you something about yourself you don’t like. You need to do this if you want to feel better in life. But here’s the thing: You don’t want to feel better. You NEED something to complain about constantly so you can insist to everyone that your life is so terrible.

    You think the world revolves around you, that everyone owes you everything. This is what makes you such an immature brat. Guess what princess? It doesn’t. Life is hard. It sucks a lot of times. It’s full of disappointments, let-downs, and heart break. You have to work hard to be happy in life. You can’t constantly dwell on little things that piss you off, you have to get over them. Life isn’t a fairy tale or an anime. No vampire or wolf-boy is going to sweep you off your feet and make your life perfect and happy. Let go of your 12 year-old fantasies like others have and grow up. To achieve happiness in life you have to go through pain, suffering, and hard work. It’s not all fun and games like you think it is.

    But you know what? Life is amazing. Why? Because people know that things won’t be handed to you on a silver platter. That platter must be worked for. Life’s great attributes outweigh its crappy attributes- but only if you choose to see things that way.

    I know I’ll never get through to you, and honestly, I couldn’t care less. You need to know you are not perfect like you make yourself seem to others. I know you’ll never change, but I don’t care. I feel sorry for your parents for having to deal with your immature ways and utter stupidity, and I especially feel sorry that your boyfriend cheated on you. I do hope you never come to find this out, I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Despite my having lost all respect for you long ago, you are not my worst enemy. Stop expecting the world to hand over its golden opportunities. Get on with yourself and get on with your damn life.

    Get over me, because I sure as hell have gotten over you -or at least I would if you would stop interfering in my life.

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