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    Dear roommate,

    You are from China. I’m from here.

    We’ve been tossed into a unique situation. You’re a very amazing person. I know I will learn much from you this year. I already love you and am trying to show you the American ropes. Your world is so much different. I hope you can cope. I know you miss your family, so feel free to use mine. In only 4 weeks your English has improved a lot. I’m glad I bought a dictionary. You’ve taught me about giving selflessly. After I gave you your present on your birthday, you gave me a bracelet from China. It’s really cool, and it means more than I can tell you.

    But roomie, if you keep waking me up in the small hours of the morning I might get angry. I study late into the night and have afternoon classes. You wake up at 6:00 and go to bed at 10:30. We have conflicting schedules. We have to deal with it. I don’t study in the room because I don’t want to wake you.

    It’s hard because we don’t understand one another, but next time I wake up to you rustling grocery bags I will give you a look that won’t need translating.

    I really do like you, roomie.

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