• Her

    by  • September 14, 2010 • Love - Pure and Simple, Miss You, Positive Vibes, Yearning for You • 0 Comments

    Yep, I’ve probably blown off every chance I’ve gotten to kiss you, and I think about them every day.

    Everything I do is to impress you, even if you’re not even around. I don’t text you or call you first, because I think that if you want to talk to me, you’ll do me the honor.

    I miss you, I love you, and I think you know.

    Every call I get, I wonder if you worry. Every fire I’m in, I wonder if you wish I was with you. I know I do. I hide my injuries when I get them, I don’t want to seem like a coward when it comes to you and me.

    I miss you, Rosie, and I love you.

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