• half way there…

    by  • September 14, 2010 • Frustration, Love - Pure and Simple, Miss You, Yearning for You • 0 Comments

    I’m pretty sure you’ll only read this when I send you a link. But I know that if you read this, you’ll know it’s me.

    You’re 7000 miles away and I only get to “talk” to you for 30 minutes a day…if I’m lucky. I haven’t heard your voice in what feels like forever. I haven’t felt your touch that I miss so much. I haven’t seen your smile, except for in your pictures that I can’t seem to stop looking through.

    My pillow is a poor substitute for holding me at night. Chatting via gmail is a poor substitute for hearing your laugh. But even when you do come “home” you’re still going to be so far away.

    I know how I feel and I know what I want. Unfortunately, I don’t think you want the same. We’ve been in this relationship for nearly six years as friends. We’ve been in this relationship for nearly nine months as more, the majority of both we’ve been so far away that you would think this distance would not hurt so much.

    But the truth is, the distance hurts and I miss you more and more each day. I want you to be happy. I want you to be safe. I want to know how you feel and what you want.

    But behind it all, know that I love you and I’m waiting patiently for your return. Home is were the heart is, and right now my heart is at war…wearing boots.


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