• For you I understand but I still love you

    by  • September 14, 2010 • Friends, Letting Go, Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments

    I understand that you’re with her.

    I understand that most girls get jealous when their boyfriend have other girls for friends. I understand that if she makes you happy then you need to make her happy. I’ll make it easy on you. We don’t have to talk. We don’t have to be friends.

    Know though, that I love talking to you. I love spending time with you. I love being your friend. Time or distance will never change that. I’ll step out of your life if that’s what you want. I’ll let you go with a smile on my face as long as it makes you smile. I care about you too much to want anything other than for you to be truly happy. If our paths never cross and this is really goodbye I want you to know that I’ll remember and cherish every minute that dealt with you.

    The good thing about life though is it’s not set in stone; it’s not a one way street. If things ever change, feel free to make a u-turn and come back to me. If one day you need me I’ll be right where you left me, waiting. I’m not saying that I’ll be useless and hopeless without you; I’ll live my life and be just fine. If you come back, I’ll rearrange and make the time for you though. You’re friendship will always be worth the effort.

    I’m telling you this because I really do understand that you’re with her and I want you to be happy, I truly do. I need you to do something for me though. Forgive my heart. Because although I may let you go, I can’t make my heart forget to love you.

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